Our Impact

Here at Agape Frontiers, we recognize the value in everyone.  We are a catalyst for positive change.
Through school-based and community-based initiatives, we mobilize process-oriented approaches with participatory workshops, film presentations, cultural events, media features, and public meetings.  We offer services that support empowerment and progress.
Learn more about how we go about making the improvements we want to see together.

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What Matters

Agape Frontiers is driven by an essential primary goal; to do our part in making Tanzania a better place for all girls and women.  We strive to build productive relationships and make positive impacts.
Our priorities are informed by evidence-based needs, and our results are reviewed by comprehensive assessments.  We target current concerns with a sensitivity to their source causes as well as an awareness of the desirable future effects that we envision.
We are a non-partisan, non-political, non-religious, and non-profit organization that promotes human rights and sustainable community development.

A Distinct Identity
Our Beginning

Agape AIDS Control Programme was registered as a non-governmental organization, 00NGO/00003233, by the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children in June 2009.
Now, as Agape Frontiers, we complement public efforts to respect the National Plan of Action to End Violence Against Women and Children and realize UN Sustainable Development Goals.
We advocate for progressive change through participation with established networks and coalitions.  We work with other stakeholders to integrate program activities and meet community needs.  We coordinate services with funding partners.  We communicate with representatives of appropriate levels of public and private sectors.
Agape Frontiers impacts the lives of girls and women.

Wanawake msilale
Our Future

Agape Frontiers partners in innovative projects.  We understand community challenges and collaborate to create successful solutions.
Our dedicated team continues to reach out and connect with people who need our support.  Most importantly, we network at urban and rural ward, division, district, regional, national, and international levels to seek justice, promote social equity, and achieve inclusion.

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